Have you noticed our human tendency to take sides in almost everything? When we do, the emotions involved are predictable. Buddhism calls them “The three Poisons”; Anger or Anxiousness, Greed or Addiction and Delusion or Judgmentalness. In Judeo-Christianity, it’s called ignoring the two great commandments to “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind and soul” and to “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Let’s talk a little about this and then address the questions in this article’s title.

My grandmother taught me my faith. She was the most spiritual and kindest woman I have ever known. Yet, she suffered severe depression secondary to hypothyroidism. She shared her Christian faith with me yet, my very good friend in high school assured me I was going to hell because “I wasn’t saved”. My psychology and sociology professors in college were prejudice towards anyone in the medical field so, of course, I went into medicine.

We have a subconscious mind that contains 95% of our processing power. When we learn and engage the precepts of our faith, we increase the access into these considerable subconscious resources. We also have a way to respond to situations where there isn’t time to consider our options. This is called “The Flight, Fight or Freeze System”. It allows us to survive emergent situations.

The flight, fight or freeze system activates emotionally into either, “anger to fight” or “anxiousness to either run away or freeze”. It focuses all of our mind’s resources on this singular event. In other words, for a moment this one thing “becomes our god” (this defines addiction). When given time, this system judges something or someone in the situation as “bad”. We develop shame when this system judges that we are bad. We believe someone else is “going to hell” if this system considers someone else bad.

Selling a Point of View

When “selling a point of view” the flight, fight or freeze system is often used. The “other side, person or product” is characterized as “bad” which creates either anger or anxiousness. This limits your focus to whatever this someone is trying to sell you. When listening to someone it is relatively easy to discern the approach they are taking. Ask yourself, “Are they discussing alternative options fully or are they trying to induce fear or anxiety about anything other than what they are selling? If they are doing the later, it would be best to avoid the discussion altogether.

Your brain is in training every moment of the day. When you engage your faith into the moment you create greater speed and access to your subconscious resources. This practice allows you to remain grounded even in emergent situations. By engaging your spiritual practices, you will live longer, love deeper and be a blessing for everyone in your life.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Care

Now, let’s address the questions in the title of the article, namely which approach is right for you? Medications or nutraceuticals? Doctors or naturopathic clinicians? Therapists or life coaches?

Each option has merit depending on your needs and preferences

Like anything else in life, you have options. All the above options work for some people but, there is likely a “best option” for you. Developing your ability to choose among available options is a valuable practice of self-love.

Each option has you reaching out to “an expert in the field”

Do you have access to people who can help you with this decision?

You may not even be sure you want to “reach out” to anyone yet

In this case, look for information that is produced by people who are open to all options and have greater than ten years in the field of your concern.

  • It takes the human brain this amount of time, on average, to be able to access their subconscious mind at the “expert” level.
  • You will likely want to read information from at least two such sources because few are fully trained in all, or at least, most options available to you.
  • Avoid spending any time reading or listening to those who have the above mentioned “selling you something” approach. They can also be expert and effective at what they do and muddy the waters of your decision.

Choose someone who seems to offer you the most effective options

  • Enjoying the expert as a person is evidence that your mirror neurons work well together. Choosing such a person will allow you to communicate with them more deeply.
  • Even if you need something very specific, the best experts fold their suggestions into your lifestyle efficiently and in a variety of healthy ways.
  • Remember that you always have the right to change your mind or to get a second opinion.

To become “an expert you,” do your best to remain balanced, even when addressing this need

Add the attention that addresses this need to the holistic way you presently live your life.

    • Maintain your daily spiritual practices.
      • Daily prayer/meditation
      • Prayer journal
    • Maintain your efforts to grow each of your relationships a little each day.
    • Learn to listen to that “still small voice” of your subconscious mind. This is one way God talks to you.
    • Your body is the “temple of the Holy Spirit”, taking care of it as you would a child will help open-up any blocks in your growth.
      • An anti-inflammatory diet
      • A period of daily exercise
      • Good sleep hygiene
  • Become a part of a spiritual group that feels right for you. This will solidify your efforts for a life of consistent growth and happiness.
  • Surround yourself with inspiring, like-minded people. Most communication and learning is subconscious. Choose well who you spend time with.

Maintain your connection with your moment-to-moment thought life

  • Develop a statement or “mantra” that you want to bring to each moment of your life. For example:
    • Father God, how can we make our relationship even better, for ourselves, for each other and for the greater good?
  • To avoid emergent thinking, remember that the past is to learn from, the future is to explore opportunities all in service to the only moment we share with God… right now.
  • In each moment, learn to look for the opportunity in all things.
    • Avoid “knowing” what you can or can’t do.
    • How might you be able to do something?
    • How can you do something even better?

Love the little boy or girl that lives as your subconscious mind. Allow him or her to love the little boy or girl in all others.

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