Grounding in Internal Oneness

woman-thinkingWhen we are talking to someone, we ground in our internal Oneness and offer it to the other person forming our relationship Oneness. Each of these includes the primary relationships that each has to themselves and the major relationships of their lives. These would include a person’s intimate partner, family, friends, colleagues, life interest partners and mentors.

While we talk with our family friends and colleagues yet another part of the brain is available to help build our resilience. Our Subconscious Mind is always attending to our physical, spiritual, emotional and cognitive position relative to the rest of the world. This is most easily understood by our kinesthetic receptors that help of determine the relative position of every joint of our body. This information is taken to our Cerebellum and then connects to our Cerebral Cortex where all aspects of our “Background Sense” is integrated.

In the same way, the Subconscious Mind is also evaluating every decision we are making with every other bit of information available to us. Are we practicing good decision making? How do others maintain a healthy body and does what we are doing need a little adjustment? How will our decision affect other couples around us? Is there a decision we can find that builds our internal and relationship Oneness and also serves the greater good?

Growth and Good Decision Making

Living with the intent to align your moment-to-moment decisions with all three pillars of Oneness aligns all aspects of your Subconscious Mind with your Conscious Mind. This maximizes the potential for good decision making. It also makes all decisions feel easier as there is little to no resistance to moving forward with any decision made. Everyone and each part of us is ‘all-in”. There is greater peace, as more of the brain is active creating greater amounts of nerve growth factor, which means good decision making will come more naturally. More than this, it is all becoming increasingly habitualized and so it is ever easier to maintain. The opportunities for the anger and anxiousness of unalignment are avoided while internal understanding and trust grow.

All of the above creates the potential for exponential growth of all efforts. There is attractiveness to these kinds of efforts led by these kinds of relationships. As like attracts like, others with similar growth potential join the effort while those who are not yet ready either aren’t attracted to the effort, join for a time and leave or, at times, they join in and grow!

For a variety of reasons, some people may form Oneness Between and/or Beyond before their Internal Oneness. This is particularly true when one has distinctive strengths that very early on offer relationship and life position advantages. A person may have much greater experience with the skills involved in good decision making based on these second and third pillars of Oneness while remaining relatively naive regarding their own Internal Oneness. This will be the subject of the next article.

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