girl-snuggles-bear-smallYou may be doing fairly well despite issues from your childhood. But now…you want to take your life to the next level. You want to integrate childhood issues and develop all of the insight you can from every life experience. You know you are not ultimately responsible for what happened to you as a child. However, you do feel a personal, professional and yes, even a global responsibility to develop all the wisdom you can. You want to build your personal resilience and your ability to serve others.

Integrate Childhood Issues with Oneness Principles

Let’s look at some of the principles that the Oneness Approach provides to help you learn more from your past, integrate childhood issues and thereby release this invaluable energy and own your space.

  1. As a child you were able to make decisions that not only allowed you to survive, but in some cases, to thrive. Allow yourself to be proud of who you were and who you still are.
  2. Those around you were most likely afflicted and were not capable of making the best decisions for anyone involved.
  3. You did what you always do…the best you could. At the time, choices may or may not have been available to you. Now it’s time to look and see what you learned from it and how you and others made choices that were available at the time.
  4. Memories about what you went through now come up in your mind. They were stored in your Subconscious Mind until your Subconscious Mind felt you could ‘fill in’ the missing pieces and integrate this memory into the Oneness you now hold to be true.
  5. The memories will surface with the pain that gave birth to the need to bury them in your Subconscious Mind for so long. This pain is a call for help - from you, to you.
  6. Feel into what the situation was like for you. Then, let yourself know that you did the best you could. And feel into the answers that going through a situation like this can provide you.
  7. Allow yourself to smile at your integrating wisdom. And, allow yourself the chance to help others who may be struggling with similar feelings.


The Path to Growth

'Acknowledging what happened’ is the first step towards healing, integrating and growing. ‘Feeling into’ what you and others did with what was going on releases tremendous pent up energy and allows you to relax into the wisdom that now can be yours.

Get started down the path to healing, integration and growth by completing a Oneness program with a loved one.


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  1. Kimberly Wilson
    Kimberly Wilson says:

    I am reading (studying) what I consider to be a wonderful help in dealing with childhood issues and my ongoing quest for Oneness. The book is RECONCILIATION – healing the inner child by Thich Nhat Hanh. I consider it as another tool in the healing process.

    Peace and all good things.

  2. Michael Seng MD
    Michael Seng MD says:

    Thank-you so much for your suggestion. This is an example of how we support one another. What you do to grow in Oneness whether within or between in can offer ideas to the rest of the community. Thank-you again!


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