Has something happened that is really bothering you? Has it bothered you far too much or for far too long? I recently talked with Dr. Dan Kalish, a functional medicine specialist, on our second podcast together and reviewed the physical cost of holding onto grief, sadness, anger, anxiety and judgement too long. People have come to his clinic for over 20 years with a wide variety of physical complaints. He stated that by far, unresolved emotional issues were the main reason for most their physical complaints.

Physical Effects of Unresolved Emotional Issues

He laid out clearly the sequence of bodily events that prolonged emotional upheaval causes. First, the flight or fight hormones, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine and Cortisol increase…and remain elevated! This causes a decrease in Serotonin and loss of control over the inflammatory process. Norepinephrine down regulates Serotonin while chronically elevated Cortisol loses its ability to help control the inflammatory process. Low serotonin levels negatively influence mood, sleep, appetite and enjoyment of life. The uncontrolled inflammatory system causes problems throughout the body. This chronic flight or fight response is unsustainable so that eventually, even the strongest among us suffer adrenal fatigue in addition to all of the above.

What does this usually look like? People present sad, lethargic, unmotivated, chronically tired and unable to sleep. They are often overweight and become bloated after every meal. They develop allergies, arthritis, chronic muscle pains and inflammatory problems in every system in the body. Terms like “leaky gut”, toxic liver disease, adrenal fatigue and chronic inflammatory illness are commonly used.

Improve Your Health to Overcome Emotional Issues

What can you do about it? Good sleep hygiene is a start. Drinking ½ of your bodies weight (lbs.) in ounces of water is a must. Anti-inflammatory diets (more plant based proteins, vegetables, fruits and legumes) often show amazing results. Please refer to the podcasts with Dr. Steven Masley and Dr. Drew Ramsey for more information. These are not fad diets. They are very reasonable and extremely effective diets for anyone particularly if you have any of the above problems. Regular aerobic exercise, preferably in the morning, helps restore normal cortisol levels and restores the body's equilibrium. Walking and swimming are old standbys and work well with your doctor’s recommendations. Exercises that promote mindfulness like Tai Chi or Qigong are becoming popular, podcasts with David-Dorian Ross and Jessica Kolbe cover this in greater detail.

Why is this happening? It all started when something in our lives happened or didn’t happen that upset us. It’s OK to be upset about something. This is our bodies way of warning us and directing our attention. It tells us, “Something’s wrong! We need to check it out and do something about it!” Much like spotting a small child walking too close to the road, our flight or fight system won’t calm down until we have investigated and made sure that the child is safe. It would be dangerous if we were wired in any other way.

This system falls apart if we ignore these warnings. Unresolved emotional issues occur when someone dies - but there seems no time to “feel into” all the feelings that come up. You hurt yourself but there is no time to allow yourself to heal and besides, you’re strong, so you “tough it out”. An important relationship in your life isn’t working but it seems too overwhelming to even think about it. You allow yourself to become overly caught up in political issues, rather than allowing your skills and talents to make a real difference in your life.

Listen when Subconscious Mind Calls

Your Subconscious Mind is like a little child that calls to you when it needs you. It controls all the processes listed above. It attends to all that is going on around you. To be happy and healthy it requires one thing, that you listen when it calls you. It calls to you with every emotion you feel every moment of your life. Some call this mindfulness. Dr. Gail Brenner talks about this in our podcast together. Your Subconscious Mind is disconnected when you allow yourself to remain overly angry, anxious or judgmental. These feelings are your Subconscious Mind’s way of pleading to you… to take a deep breath and come home. Together, you can make sense of things. Together, you can discover opportunities in almost any situation. Together, your body can recover, heal and thrive.

Listen up! There is Oneness within you. There is Oneness between you and others. And… there is Oneness between you and the world!

As you can see, there are many healing insights contained on a variety of topics in the Oneness Approach podcast. Subscribe today to learn many more ways to live a healthier, happier life.

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