Are You Angry for No Reason?

Why is it that we all tend to at times become angry at someone for little or no apparent reason? As this goes on, we tend to develop some addictive need to self soothe. As this goes on further, we tend to make overall judgements of the person. We literally treat them in a certain way and hold them to standards that we don’t hold anyone else to. At times, when we recognize that we are angry for no reason, we then judge ourselves - although usually we continue to judge the other person as well!

Biologically, we establish our Oneness with our Spiritual Source by aligning our Conscious and Subconscious Minds. There are many things that can make this more difficult. Stress of any kind is a major inducer of unalignment. Poor sleep hygiene, diet or a lack of exercise all lead to unalignment of our mind. Unalignment of the mind can cause us to feel angry for no reason. One of the major causes of divorce today is working too much and not getting enough sleep. These two stresses then usually to eating poorly, weight gain and a whole plethora of medical issues. This has given rise to the creation of “functional medicine” which simply tries to educate us around the many ways we can all take better care of ourselves. Dr. Kalish spoke about this in our podcast together.

Lack of Alignment Caused by Psychiatric Disorders

All psychiatric disorders also make alignment between Conscious and Subconscious Mind difficult. From ADHD, Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder and the anxiety disorders to Schizophrenia, each illness leaves behind clues in how they make alignment difficult. A careful family and personal history is really an exploration of these clues and how these typical misalignments can cause characteristic relationship problems. As described in our first article such “unexplainable” conflicts can lead to a loss of the relationship all together.

The Rules of Being Angry for No Reason

Within the actual unaligned tendency lies a system of rules that your Conscious Mind tends to follow when unaligned with Subconscious Mind. In Buddhism these tendencies are call the Theories of Dependent Origination. Many are present in the previous article:

  1. The “three poisons” – Greed, Anger and Judgement. Typically, judgement is the most severe and long lasting.
  2. These three poisons tend to be associated with certain people, places or things.
  3. These poisons tend to start with a specific stimulus.
  4. These poisons tend to follow a certain order.
  5. These stimuli can be induced by other stimuli.
  6. These stimuli can he continued by other stimuli.
  7. Some stimuli can make your response even worse.
  8. These poisons can simply become an ongoing habit.


We go into much more detail in our coaching programs. Knowing how we are wired allows us to
recognize what is going on in and around us. With knowledge comes clarity. With clarity comes the power to change our lives!

To gain more knowledge about how your mind works and how you can align your Conscious and Subconscious Mind, sign up for one of my coaching courses risk-free.

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