God knows there are many issues surrounding the symptoms you inherited with your ADHD. As in all inherited conditions, the way it affects you and your life is unique. No one “does” ADHD the same. Your brain is different, the ADHD changes that you inherited are different and your life is different.

Advantages of ADHD

There are also claims of advantages of ADHD resulting from your brain’s accommodations to your unique expression of ADHD. Your ability to hyperfocus may allow you to focus and concentrate on things you enjoy more easily than others. Your difficulty with structure may provide you greater comfort and ease in unstructured situations you enjoy. You may develop a unique perspective that can help you discern patterns and find answers to business challenges that others may miss. Your fast talking, impulsive style may give you a certain charm and vulnerability that others find irresistible… particularly others with ADHD! But, a spiritual advantage, how does that work?

Spiritual Advantages

If you have read articles from the Oneness Approach before, you will remember how I compare the difficulties one has with ADHD to a computer that had insufficient RAM to handle larger and multiple programs. People with ADHD can be very intelligent but may struggle to use all of their intelligence effectively.

If you have ADHD, I’m sure you have noticed that at times you tend to forget certain things. This is particularly true of things you don’t care for. When you like something your brain provides you additional RAM to handle it. Most of us don’t care for angry or judgmental feelings, even when they are appropriate. Given this, many with ADHD struggle to “hold onto” feelings of anger and judgement towards others. The amount of RAM necessary to hold onto these feelings can feel overwhelming. This is particularly true when you are under other life stresses. You may find that you have an ability to simply let go of and forget that you were ever angry.

This can be infuriating to those around you who continue to feel angry about your last conversation… that you don’t even remember. You may feel that life is way too short to hold onto such anger. You likely tend to just move on and enjoy the moment. Sometimes this works and sometimes this has others feeling that you don’t really care about their feelings. This also can get you into trouble when you don’t recognize or deal with problems until way too late e.g. procrastination.

Why this World Needs You

However, if you mind your relationships, you may find yourself able to let go of your anger and resentment much as might take a Buddhist monk many years of practice to achieve. When you have an active life and your tend to your relationships you may simply have no space available for anger or resentment to reside.

Now comes the fun part. The limited Ram of ADHD affects the communication between Conscious and Subconscious Mind but many times leaves your Subconscious function intact. It is within your Subconscious Mind that your Spiritual sense lives. Here it can connect with others and the universe with mirror neurons and recurrent loop circuits. Subconscious Mind is preverbal ... so there is no verbal labeling. The lack of connectedness with your Conscious Mind means that you also have a relative inability to “attach” to any worldly relationship.

What this means is that although you may feel incredibly close to someone through your mirror neurons, you will be less inclined to hold onto any type of human labeling about them or the relationship. You will tend to look at others as they are - and not as some previously learned label might otherwise make you feel.

When you close your eyes, do you feel God’s love? Can you let go of everything else and just be, with Him, in the moment?

If you can, enjoy this blessing! Consider it one of the advantages of ADHD. And let it guide you to find your unique strengths and talents. Then use your talents and your firm, deep connection to your Spiritual Source to help relieve this world of all its pain, suffering, anger and judgment.

We need you!

For more ways to enjoy healthy relationships with your Spiritual Source and others on your journey with ADHD, sign up risk-free for the Oneness Approach Heal Membership.

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  1. Elizabeth Little
    Elizabeth Little says:

    What a wonderfully worded, simply explained, yet highly enlightened article, Dr Seng! I felt depressed today, weighed down by mistakes made and the horrors of yesterday, when I started searching for something to lift my mood. As I so often do, I turned to you, and immediately went to this. AMAZING! Sign me up, cause I am sold! Thank you so much for all of your hard work to obtain and relay the right stuff for our enlightenment. You make it so effortless for us to learn these deep & valuable concepts as it flows succinctly from you in neat little packages for us to digest. What a true gift you are to us. We are so blessed to know you. Thank you, Dr Seng.

    • Michael Seng
      Michael Seng says:


      Thank-you so much! You are so right! Clarity allows your personal strengths to flow… effortlessly…


      Dr. Seng


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