zen-rocks-balanceDo you often find yourself looking back and regretting much of your past?

Does looking back at what motivated you embarrass you? Do you find yourself making a conscious effort to simply forget the past, because you have learned so much about empathy, compassion, love and your Spiritual Source that you just want to see your life today as starting over? Hmmm… then let’s talk about it!

You were born to this world with certain gifts and little else. You had your senses, your little arms and legs, a drive to live and a drive to reach out and love. Each of these gifts had unique aspects and were to be explored and shared in novel ways by you!

No one else was ever born sensed this world the way you do. No one else has ever reached out to others the way you do, or "feel into" others you love. The desire to live is common to all but the flavor of your desire is yours and yours alone.

Your Unique Spiritual Identity

The most unique thing about you was the flavor of your loving energy. It is the most central gift between you and your Spiritual Source. It is the sense of the relationship. It holds together everything in your Subconscious Mind. It’s the flavor you discover when you finally begin to know yourself and who you really are.

No one else can reach into your Subconscious Mind and tell you who you are. All they can do is talk about their Spiritual Source and in abstract ways try to help you understand that such a thing exists and is essential.

Given the relationship between Conscious and Subconscious Mind, many people doubt the importance of what they believe they can’t feel or touch. Because of that, the belief in a Spiritual Source even feels unnecessary, even absurd.

Spiritually and Emotionally Dependent

Given all of that, you are left absolutely dependent on the love of others to begin your discovery of the relationship between you and your Spiritual Source.

Before your teen years, you look into who others are rather than who you are. After that, your first true discoveries start. The journey begins in earnest in your teen years and when the desire to live and love take center stage.

This is long before there has been any chance for a deeper understanding of and communication with your Subconscious Mind. Presently, you are communicating with your Subconscious Mind but it is so all encompassing that it’s much like a fish trying to notice the water all around it.

Yearning Leads to Discovery

Your unique desire to live and love is a gift, and it will eventually “bump into” your Subconscious Mind in the relationships you share. The greater the gift, the greater your yearning to live and love, the more difficult it will be to manage the subtle “bumps” of direction that your Spiritual Source and your Subconscious Mind provide.

Without the wisdom and support from your Subconscious Mind, you handle your gifts in very human ways, and this causes frustration and pain. Think of it like a child who can’t talk yet-- they’re beginning to grasp the world and yet they can’t understand much yet-- they want to ask, to voice their wonder, but they can’t express themselves yet!

But this pain provides you and others the greatest Spiritual direction. It provides experiences that will serve to enrich your wisdom each time you allow them to do so.

Your sense of pain will be unique as well. It matches your unique desire to live and love in ways that often defy understanding.

Just live and love-- and that includes being at peace with your past, present and future

As you refine your desire to live and love, you will be able to deepen and enjoy both even more. Each review of a previous life lesson will open you up to ever greater understandings.

So… don’t shut out your past, no matter how bleak or bad. In your present day life, you can use these past emotions, situations, pain and promises to guide your choices. As you become more aware of this internal resource, this inner voice will come to you, instruct you, guide you and eventually become your true, best self. Who you are.

Your past is your story of how you came to know yourself. It’s the resource for the wisdom for every gift you possess. It helps you avoid being hurt and hurting others. It grounds you as a human being, as one of us. You are imperfect and, because of all you have been through, you strive for perfection while staying aware that you never will be.

Because of all you have been through, you know this is all that anyone can expect. You can be imperfectly perfect…and a little more perfect…every day.

Ready to embrace your whole self, including your past? Join me and others on the same journey!


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