woman-thinkingIf you are like many, forgetting about yesterday can be pretty tempting. The haircuts, the clothing, the mistakes made and all of the things we tried that didn’t quite work out the way we thought they would. You have come a long way since then and have a confidence that has become comfortable. And maybe the memories are getting old enough that forgetting about those old insecurities is finally getting easier. Is this a sign of maturity…or a signal that we are just fooling ourselves?

Subconscious Mind's Abilities: Improving Relationships

The Oneness Approach is about the Oneness that you establish between your Conscious and Subconscious Mind. In this state, you are smarter, more thoughtful, more in touch and… more adorable! One of your Subconscious Mind's abilities is creating broad connections in which old memories combine with your moment-to-moment relationships with others. This provides for the ability to know how to say just the right thing at the right time. You become aware of what others are going through because, at some time in your past, you or someone you know experienced something similar. So you become capable of connecting more easily.

Your Subconscious Mind stores your past in the form of stories. These stories are bundled in ways that allow you to access them according to the type of relationship you have with the person in front of you. So, rather than having only the storyline of this one relationship to mentally refer to, if you are talking to a friend, you have near instant access to the memories of all of the friendships you have ever had. This includes your geeky teenage relationships and innocent childhood friendships. This provides personalized emotional depth and color to each of your relationships.

Subconscious Mind Knows What Works

Another one of Subconscious Mind's abilities involves sectioning off all of the things that work for you. So, as you look around a room of people you don’t know, it can magically use this internal reference to “feel into” the qualities of each person in the room. It can then queue you with a pleasant emotion when it senses the person you will likely jive best with. It will also send subconscious signals to this person to help see into who you are and create an opening for you. This allows you to be selective with those who you will likely do well with and helps you with engaging.

Your Subconscious Mind also knows the mindset of those you struggle with. During a conversation it will warn you as you approach a topic that might not yet work for the relationship. It will help you predict what you might be able to ask for in a relationship, how to ask for it and how to avoid allowing any relationship to drift into uneven, unstable seas. This allows you to create and maintain Oneness relationships of the third choice, where it isn’t your choice or my choice - but our choice.

Where do all of your Subconscious Mind's abilities come from? It is from every thought, every feeling, every hurt, every intuition you have ever had. How do you better your connections to all of these advantages? Remain in touch ... with you!

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