Are you struggling with the motivation to “get physical” and workout? Are your workouts losing their intensity? Are you still passionate about lighting up every part of your body for the day ahead? Ask yourself these three questions. Why do you personally want to remain in a peak physical state? What relationships in your life do you want to inspire? What message do want your life to deliver to this world? Let’s talk about how your workout can help you to deliver on all three of your answers.

The Science Behind Coaching

Aerobic and anaerobic exercise depend greatly on your mind/body integration. Although your muscles will eventually develop and grow, most of your performance depends on increasing neuronal integration with all aspects of physical performance. Coaching is largely the science of helping you develop the skill necessary to “keep your head in the game”.

Your coach learns to read “how you are wired” to learn best how to motivate you. Money, power, glory and desire to win are present in most people in varying degrees. A lot depend on your stage of life and your relationship needs. In the end, the motivations you choose will help you athletically and then generalize into the rest of your life. For example, an emphasis on money will then follow you into all other relationships.

Spirituality and Workouts

To get the greatest impact you will want to choose something that best organizes and align your subconscious resources with your conscious desires. The latest brain imaging would suggest that both of these could be accomplished by placing all of your motivations under a spiritual umbrella. According to Dr. Andrew Newberg in How God Changes Your Brain, sustained intense efforts will change your brain and the way you experience life. But how are spirituality and workouts related?

Combining a spiritual intensity with your workout will serve you in many ways. Your spiritual beliefs likely began in childhood and integrate brain power from your earliest memories. Your beliefs grow and develop over time and include all of your relationship needs. Your spiritual beliefs also provide direction for your impact on the world.

Listening to spiritually inspiring music during your workout will keep this motivation throughout the day. During the workout it intensifies your concentration. Try this, close your eyes while on an aerobic trainer and pay attention only to the words of the music. What do you notice? Many notice increased intensity and endurance of effort. Over time, it also adds to your passion about exercising.

Spiritual music comes with various contents and styles. You will likely find that at different times in your life, different types of songs serve you best. Be sure to shake it up so that all of your needs are included. Another fun aspect of song choice is to notice what kind of songs seem to inspire you. It is yet another way to discern the direction to which you are being called!

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