The Real Goal of Exercise

When you think of exercise, do you imagine walking into your dark basement and looking for that piece of equipment you paid way too much for years ago? Especially since its primary function, soon after its purchase, has been as a place to hang clothes! I have educated people for 30 years on the value of diet and exercise but a single comment by gymnastic coach Christopher Sommer has changed my approach. Rather than working on “diet and exercise” he asks that we learn to “eat and train”. Do you feel the difference? When we identify the real goal of exercise, it just might provide that “something” that takes your life to OUTSTANDING! Let’s get into it.

Training for Relationships

The word “training” ties your efforts to relationships in your life. Your Subconscious Mind is 95% of who you are and is your seat of power. It thinks, feels, acts and literally breathes your relationships. Trying to do anything without attaching your efforts to a relationship, leaves behind this reservoir of resources and is simply “white knuckling it”. It is worse than a waste of time, it is practicing being much less than who you are and believing it!

Your Subconscious Mind is also a little greedy. It is always looking for a “good return on investment” for your relationships both now and in the future. Any training you become involved in will have much more Subconscious support if it provides real advantages both now and in the future for as many relationships as possible.

Like anything else worth doing, your non-verbal Subconscious Mind needs your verbal Conscious Mind to put words and appropriate passion to the reasons for your training. The standard and trite, “Because it’s good for you” is simply too lame! Ask yourself, “What is the real goal of exercise? What relationships will this training serve right now? Will it excite the five-year-old Subconscious Mind and inspire your sense of self? Will it add passion to your intimate relationship? Will it draw you closer to your friends maybe even provide new friends and new opportunities? Will it add value to your business relationships? Is there the potential for a mentor who can help you take your life to the next level?” If not then look elsewhere! We are looking to inspire and be inspired here!

Remember, this is your Subconscious Mind we are talking about and it also requires assurances about future potential. Not only must this training build your endurance, flexibility, balance and strength it must also provide for your longevity. Your training must increase the efficacy of all mind body circuits, including your sympathetic, parasympathetic, endocrine, cardiovascular, neuromuscular and autoimmune functions. Training in a way that limits your future potential is another example of “white knuckling it”. That is, looking for fast, short term gains that aren’t healthy and limit your long-term potential. You know what we’re talking about!

Also, remember this, your Subconscious Mind handles thousands of tasks every moment of your life, giving your Conscious Mind plenty of space to think about other things. Subconscious Mind starts activities, keeps track of time, handles interruptions and knows when it is time to move on. It’s capacity to learn and incorporate new routines and information is nearly endless. The bottleneck in the system seems to be our Conscious Mind’s ability to remain aligned with our Subconscious Mind throughout the day and you can train for this too!

Goal Setting that Aligns

Peter Drucker, a business innovator, saw the need to create a system that you could use to train any aspect of your life. In other words, he found the words that your Conscious Mind could use to learn to remain aligned with your Subconscious Mind always. He called his system: SMART goals. Here is what each letter of the word “smart” stands for:


One of your Conscious Mind’s main functions is to put words on what your Subconscious mind is trying to do. Although it is impossible to put words on all that your Subconscious Mind is ever doing, using specific words helps your Conscious Mind to keep up.


Although your Subconscious Mind can monitor everything at all times, your Conscious Mind needs a little more structure to sense real changes. Your goal needs to be somehow measureable. Clarity is power and when your Conscious Mind has a clear vision of progress it aligns well with your Subconscious Mind’s efforts.


Your Subconscious Mind is only interested in what is. It has no interest in what “could have” or “should have” happened. It has no interest in “shoulding all over itself”. It is always assessing and adjusting needed resources for desired results. When you stand up, it raises you blood pressure a bit. When you sit down, it lowers your blood pressure a bit.


Your Subconscious Mind has no interest in wasting any effort that doesn’t provide an advantage to one or more of your relationships. The greater the number of relationships and advantage, the better!


Have you ever wondered how you are able to wake up at 7:59 before your 8:00 alarm goes off? When a baseball player swings his bat three times and wiggles his butt three times before each pitch to clear his mind, who is hitting the ball? The answer is, your Subconscious Mind. Your Subconscious Mind is absolutely tied to time. Its only interest in the past is to serve the now. Its only interest in the future is to create future advantage in the now. When your Conscious Mind is using the past and/or future “to beat on you” or “to worry about the future” it is going it alone, without the advantages of your Subconscious support.

Let’s do this thing! Let’s always be open to better ways we can eat and train. In the meantime, let’s also train our Conscious Mind to remain aligned with our Subconscious resources and take names!

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