beach-sunrise-pose-smallYour choice of career and career relationships has a tremendous effect on all other relationships of your life. Quality decisions in this arena can make the difference between living a life that provides a warning to others, or living a life that inspires.

Like many others, you may find that you simply ‘fall into’ major career decisions.

For example, proximity is a major aspect of all of our relationship choices. You may fall in love with the person you work with or the person you sat next to in class. You may choose your friends in much the same way.

Similarly, when it comes to your career, you may think back and realize you simply chose the first thing that you seemed good at or at least seemed to work. There’s nothing particularly wrong with any of this… but does this seem to you to be the best way to handle decisions that will affect the rest of your life with a such a huge ripple?

How to Take A Closer, But Broader Look

I certainly do not suggest any wholesale changes at this point in your life. Making multiple major life decisions is also not a desirable or ideal way to make decisions. Very few and very rare occasions call for such an approach. Only when stakes are really high, or you’re in danger of sinking into a worse scenario if you don’t make all those changes.

Otherwise, easy does it. Here, I break down exactly how your career decisions affect your life. This list should be your guide in your decision-making. Let’s admit it-- when an issue comes up that needs objectivity, we are simply too close to see the big picture. This Ultimate Checklist will help you see it.

  1. It will affect how much time you will have for the rest of your life.
  2. It will affect how complex and pressured your time will be while you work.
  3. It will affect the type of relationships and personalities you will spend much of your waking life with.
  4. It will affect the skills you allow yourself to develop, the way you will serve others and your potential income.
  5. It will affect the type of surroundings you spend time in.
  6. It will affect the type of friends you attract. This will strongly affect who you become.
  7. It will affect where you live and under what conditions.
  8. When the above decisions are aligned well with ‘who you are’ they will each lead to a more growth-full, inspiring life and a feeling of being “free”.


Wiser Career Decisions to Your Best Self and Best Relationships

Pause right now and reflect with me.

What if you began to write out what you wanted your life to look like?

What if you resolve to make career-related decisions that allowed you live your life with relationships that inspired you…and that you inspired?

What if you used this list to guide you to new career opportunities?

What if you used this list as a way to optimize every career-oriented decision? What if these decisions, based on how you want to live your life, led to the life you want to live?

What if doing what you are passionate for, with individuals you like, led you to the joyful life where work and fun are synonymous? What if this fills you with juice to help others?

Decide who you are. Decide how you would best equip yourself toward the successful, meaningful life you want to live. Test every decision against the list above!

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