Sign to Utopia with people walking thereMany people talk about what utopia might look like. Everyone happy. Every need met. No old age. No sickness. No death. Books like Aldous Huxley’s, ‘Brave New World’ have tried to imagine what this might be like. At times, these stories involve some kind of drugs and passions are somehow dulled. By the end of most of these stories we are left happy to work with what we have! Rather than dulling our emotions, what if we came to understand our emotions? Your emotions, like every other part of you, are meant to serve. Let’s feel into why, at times, that may not seem to be the case.

Why Understanding Emotions is a Challenge

I have found that any mental meanderings that include changing one part of our nature or our past become totally unintelligible. They leave us incapable of understanding emotions. For example, “If only I hadn’t made that mistake.” This may seem to be merely a waste of time, but there is another problem. I did make that mistake. Thinking like this can become a way to distract myself from my reality. This can loosen my grip on my present situation. This can become a habit, leading me to an endless loop of making the same kind of mistake over and over. Wishing something hadn’t happened isn’t the same as looking at what I did, what the results were and what I can now do about it now. In other words, I’m not only thinking ineffectively, I’m confusing myself while not furthering my practice of thinking effectively.

Your Feelings and Your Subconscious Mind

So…what of utopia? Rather than looking to make, or at least approximate, perfection outside of you… what if you looked inside? You have a tremendous storehouse of information within you that records everything, correlates the information for you and is always available. It’s called your Subconscious Mind.

When you have practiced something, like typing, eventually all you need to do is direct your attention to what you want to type and magically your fingers know what to do. The part of you directing your attention is your Conscious Mind. That is your Conscious Mind’s job. It is wired to direct the focus of your attention. The part of you that is typing, doing the magic, is your Subconscious Mind.

Let’s look at driving a car. Have you ever driven somewhere and not been able to remember the trip there? Who was driving? Who was watching out for you? Who would have “woke you up” had there been a problem? The answer is… your Subconscious Mind. It is always present, paying attention to most everything. If there had been a problem, it would have figured it out. Honestly, if you ever tried to consciously pay attention to all that it pays attention to, you would go into instant overwhelm.

What’s the problem with your Conscious Mind meandering much of your life? This leaves your Subconscious Mind on it’s own. It is true that as you do something over and over, even if you don’t pay much attention you will slowly improve…but your progress will be quite slow indeed. Your Subconscious Mind is able to learn on its own, but it can get caught in patterns that are not optimized. The more you don’t guide your attention to what you are doing, the more you tend to drift. You get caught up in thoughts, feelings and behaviors that eventually make little sense and understanding emotions becomes next to impossible. When, for some unpleasant reason, you are forced to think about it, you see it clearly. You may wonder how you could have been so… And, you begin to realize how much further along you would be if you had noticed these and other untended aspects of your life earlier!

Understanding Emotions: The Search for Utopia

So, back to the question at hand. While you may not be able to keep your Conscious Mind aligned with your Subconscious Mind constantly, you certainly can move in that direction. People call it, “Being in the moment” or “Walking awake.” Your Subconscious Mind is ninety-five percent of your physical ‘being’. Allowing your Conscious Mind to provide focus for your Subconscious Mind, in the moment, allows you to live more ‘awake’.

This is what meditation and/or prayer is all about. When you take a deep breath, you are able to ‘feel’ the inside of your body. This is what your Subconscious Mind uses to “feel into” anything. Learning how to ‘feel into’ your life allows your Subconscious Mind to lend you its full power. The more you practice this, the easier it gets. The easier it gets, the more you will see, experience and understand what your feelings are all about. As your and other’s Subconscious Minds talk to each other through mirror neurons the deeper and richer your relationships will become. Better relationships lead to better decisions. The more you ‘know’ how you really feel about all aspects of your life the more everything will begin to make sense.

It may not be a utopia…but it’s a start. And, what if we all started to really see ourselves and each other more clearly. We could create inspiring relationships. And, maybe even one day when we said, “I love you”, we would feel it deeply, know what we were feeling and allow it to hit home.

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