Are you bored? Are you very good at what you do but you find yourself doing much the same things every day? Could your spouse order your food for you at a restraint because you always get the same thing? There is nothing really wrong with this’s boring! What feeling bored really means is that your subconscious mind is aching to express itself and is finding present choices a little too restrictive. Let’s take a risk and open up to the idea of some creative endeavor.

Allow Creativity into Your Life

When taking up a creative endeavor, it becomes a means to get closer to who you can be. This response to boredom opens up to your subconscious resources to engage with life more authentically. Instead of holding back out of habitual fear, allowing creativity into your life becomes about the journey home to your true self.

When starting out on any creative task, you may actually create more authentically. You may even notice a tendency to give up after an initial period of learning. Often your personal expectations will rise as you come to expect too much or a simply different result than you are seeing. In this way, allowing yourself to remain in “beginner’s mind” will allow you to reach more deeply into all that your subconscious mind wants to express.

In beginner’s mind, there is no pretense nor others to impress. It is as though we are inside our subconscious mind watching our neurons connect and grow. Being creative allows your conscious mind to dance with your subconscious mind in your true internal oneness. When you live this way, you walk into your kitchen noticing something as for the first time. You may not know where this thought is leading but, you will know that your conscious and subconscious minds are dancing.

When we break down any creative task into smaller parts, it frees your conscious mind to engage with your subconscious mind more deeply. Much of the complexity of the task and the fear of trying disappears.

Authentic Creativity

Here are a few pearls from my discussion with Dr. Ellen Langer during our podcast together and in her book, “On becoming an artist”.

  1. Many pretend to live their lives fully engaged because they think they can get away with it, but people notice.
  2. Mistakes made while creative allow you to make use of such mistakes. This process allows a richer look into the “mistakes” you make and become the how’s and why’s of a richer life.
  3. Creativity insists on a deeper look into all that surrounds us and so becomes a richer and more honest ground upon which to be fully present.
  4. Actively engaging in creative endeavors allows you to engage your subconscious resources in a deeper way and it allows others to find you more genuine and charismatic.
  5. Engaging in creative activities loosens the hold of your thought life, allowing for further exploration of alternatives and the effects of context.
  6. Creating a deeper oneness with your subconscious mind helps to create the same in those you touch, including your children. This authentic communication leads to deeper exploration and enjoyment of everything you do.
  7. Pretending when we give praise has little positive effect on either person. Authentic praise deepens the relationship and has positive results for both.

Listen to my podcast with Dr. Langer for more!