The Search for the Meaning of Life

Are you beginning to look at your life and asking yourself, “What is the meaning of life? Why even bother?” Does it seem we are all on the same treadmill? Do you notice that people younger than you are making the same mistakes you did? Do you see older people as “Older but no wiser?” And… after long study into the nature of things, do you struggle to believe in anything related to a ‘Spiritual Source”?

I think we all have experienced that “dark night of the soul” but this is a little different. You are likely very intelligent and have spent considerable time studying a wide variety of spiritual teachings searching for the meaning of life. Eventually you go to a seminar with a world class expert who teaches from ‘source material’. Here you get to see original writings from the people who wrote the explanations of what you have come to believe most of your life.

As you read the words that were so painstakingly written so many years ago you think, “I think I could have come up with better reasons than that.” Worse yet you may think, “That makes no sense, how did he/she reach that conclusion?” Then, you listen to a world authority try to explain it and suddenly…it all just seems made up.

When you reach this point there seems no explanation for the pain and suffering of this world. You still do care about others but it all seems like folly. Young people ask the same questions and say that they believe things you know they don’t really understand. Older people, if they believe, seem to cling to their belief as a way of dealing with their rapidly increasing losses.

The Subconscious Mind and the Meaning of Life

The Oneness Approach suggests that these feelings are born of a separation from your Subconscious Mind. When you become very upset, angry or frightened it is very common to judge yourself or someone else as “a terrible person”. When you have had time to center yourself you realize that you were angry and not really seeing the whole person. Judgmentalness is caused by a lack of alignment between your Conscious and Subconscious Mind. When this happens, you will be blind to the deeper meaning of all that is going on around you.

Your Subconscious Mind is preverbal, meaning that it stores much of its information without the use of words. The saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” gives a hint that words really can’t adequately describe what we perceive. Another bit of evidence is the thought that we are always communicating much more information nonverbally than verbally and the spaces between the words carry more meaning than the words themselves.

When you try to describe your spiritual belief in words, you will run into the same problem. Words can’t adequately describe a cell phone photo, much less the meaning of life, no matter how smart you are. Your fundamental belief is just that - a soulful belief. If you knew it as a fact, like any other fact, it could not hold the profound meaning it does to you.

Creating Oneness

Creating Oneness between your Conscious and Subconscious Mind allows you to reach into your Subconscious Mind to organize and appreciate all that is stored there. It helps you look into the eyes of another and appreciate the universe that exists behind their eyes. And it allows young people to wonder about all of life’s possibilities and allows wisdom and compassion to smile on you as the years pass by.

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