A T'ai Chi Champion's Secret to Success

I recently spoke with David-Dorian Ross, a man with a gentle spirit and courageous heart. He brings the wisdom of the “Chi” to bridge any gap between you and your “Hero’s Journey”. He is known as a “Chi-vangelist” and Kung-fu Magazine called him “the man who brought T’ai Chi mainstream”. I asked about the personal skills that led a small boy from Oregon to become America’s competitive T’ai Chi Champion. His story led me to write about what it takes for each of us to discover our own unique secret to success.

Rather than any early athletic abilities, David was a self-proclaimed book worm. He was very bright and bull-headed when it came to any mental challenge. However, he avoided anything physical, leaving him gangly and uncoordinated. He took his first T’ai Chi class in his mid-twenties and recalls that he was, without hyperbole, the worst T’ai Chi beginner he has ever seen since. However, nothing in his studies had engaged the drive that would transform his bull-headedness into commitment. Nothing had guided his intelligence in the ways of wisdom. He had not yet connected with the Oneness within him that would simultaneously create Oneness with others and the universe.

He left his books for a time searching for something that could capture his abilities and guide them to his life’s purpose. After four years in the service, he went back to college and took a class from the woman who first brought T’ai Chi to the West. In his first class, he had what others might describe as a “kundalini experience” but what he describes as his first dance with “life energy” or “Chi”. You can listen to his description of this unique experience in our podcast. Instantly - and for only a few minutes - he went from tripping over his own feet, to moving in the Flow; physically, mentally and spiritually. In this state, he received a message in the form of “a memory about his future”. The memory told him that he would learn the inner meanings of T’ai Chi and follow the Hero’s path bringing this wisdom to the West.

The Result of Finding the Secret of Success

Every year’s challenges have led David to create T’ai Chi instructional DVDs that have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide, and his program “T’ai Chi Beginning Practice” is the best-selling T’ai Chi DVD of all time. His book “Exercising the Soul” is a #1 Amazon best-seller. However, remaining true to his commitment and to the wisdom earned from his journey most of his time is spent helping others discover their own life purpose - their own secret to success - in his free online classes streaming, real-time, twice a day. He calls these classes TaijiFit and they can be found here.

In this hero’s journey of self-realization, his experience has taught him the many challenges that exist along the way. This is to be expected as we are on a journey, for the first time, every moment of our lives. It takes time to find and transform our strengths and talents and learn be in the Flow of this dance. To remain on this journey David believes that you must love what you do and yet be willing to let it go if love calls you to another path.

I told David that I feel we are brothers with a common purpose. The commonalities that exist in our efforts to help others find their way are clear to both of us. Here are guidelines taken from the Oneness Approach that may help you on your Hero’s Journey. Begin a practice that will allow you to be in the Flow, following each of these suggestions, easily, automatically, always:

How to Find Your Own Secret of Success

  1. Feel the love that lives within you and between you and your Spiritual Source.
  2. See this same love that lives within you in all others.
  3. See this same love that exists all around you.
  4. Love the gifts and talents you bring to the world.
  5. Hear the call of love to give and receive these gifts.
  6. Love what you do.
  7. Listen for love's call as it whispers to you…always.


For more practical ways to find your secret of success, your authentic path, sign up risk-free for one of the Oneness Approach memberships designed to help you grow, heal and master.

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