When Life Happens to You

Do you know your skills? Do you want to enjoy a life that delivers? Are you ready to add color to your life? Are you ready for friends that inspire you and to be an inspiring friend? Are you ready to control your life? This won’t be a conservative life but neither will it be foolish. You will take risks but the risks will guide you no matter what the outcome. This will be a wild ride but a ride you will enjoy. Know this: if you climb into the saddle, be ready for the ride!

You have spent much of your life following the advice of others. Your parents guided you early on then family members and teachers provided their input. They talked to you, tested you and made their best guess as to who you were. Early life experiences added more information and those around you added their insights into the skills and talents you demonstrated and the kind of person you seemed to be - to them.

Many spend their entire lives this way, responding to life’s challenges and making the best of the opinions available to them. They listen to the advice of others and then follow the advice of the person who appears right. At times, even their choice of life mate is a decision made by the most persistent suitor. When living this way, often you feel that life is happening to you, not for you.

You Can Control Your Life

One day, maybe even today, you will want to climb into the saddle of your horse and grab the reins yourself. You will want to make decisions that guide your life in directions that feel right to you. You will listen carefully to the opinions of others, filtering all you hear through the wisdom you earned through past experiences and a “gut feel”. Only you will control your life.

If you make a “mistake”, you will look in the mirror and own it. Believe it or not, this feels good. Every time you make a decision, you learn something about yourself and grow, no matter what the outcome. When you are simply following the advice of others, you take the risks and they learn something about their decision-making. Someone has the reins of your life and eventually you want it to be you. Life is happening to you or for you - and for you feels much better!

This is the purpose of the Oneness Approach. It gives you the tools to lead a life of your choosing. Thoughtful choices are made every day, big and small, growing each of your relationships. The practice of making these choices and assessing outcomes builds resilience to the stresses you may face. Learning to enjoy your daily outcomes, lessens the fear of making decisions and owning the results.

Most importantly you will feel alive. You will raise your head up and notice the wind in your hair and each trail before you. You will ride with others, share stories and share your life in inspiring ways. Join us and see for yourself!

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