woman-looking-at-lightsWe all want to grow. Somewhere deep within each of us is an awareness that we are either growing… or dying. We also know that there are parts of us that need to heal. We all need to learn from what we have and what we are going through, and then move on. Lastly, we want to find that “special something” within us and offer it to others. Our life journey becomes an all-encompassing awareness of “who we are” as we discover our unique skills and, often through a trial of fire, eventually learn the wisdom around sharing them.

The Three Pillars of Oneness

Our brain divides these tasks into three basic parts. These parts are represented by the three pillars of the Oneness Approach. “Within” each of us lies our sense of self. We actually align our Conscious and Subconscious Mind through our emotional or interoceptive systems (the system that senses the inside of our body) as we practice growing our sense of self.

The “Between” or second pillar of Oneness is represented by our Mirror Neuronal System. Here our “Within” system is used to solidify how we feel and project our ability to mirror how others around us are feeling. This system communicates non-verbally much more deeply than anything we communicate verbally. We will discuss this more in the next article.

The “Beyond” System or third pillar of the Oneness Approach is represented by our brain’s awareness of the “backdrop” of all we do. As we walk through our lives with our personal and relationship awarenesses, there are other things that are taken into consideration as our mind optimizes each moment. This will be covered in our third article.

We are not always aware of these divisions in our mind’s capabilities, which leads to confusion. As we try to discover and refine our strengths, uncertainty in any of these three aspects of Oneness Oneness can create confusion and blind spots in our assessments of what is truly going on in our lives. This will be the topic of our fourth article.

Interoception and a Sense of Self

Our interoceptive system integrates how we feel about everything. When we take the time to “feel into” something that troubles us… we get around the obvious and sense the subtle. Consciously, we may feel angry about a recent poor performance and say to ourselves, “Why the HECK did I do so poorly?!” After a time, and a deep breath or two (that activates our interoceptive system), we ask the same question but this time more slowly and with more true interest and kindness, “Why DID I do so poorly?”

Our Subconscious Mind integrates all that we are sensing with everything we have ever experienced. Our Conscious Mind is our lens to our here and now experiences. When aligned we not only have access to our previous experiences, we simultaneously build on them! Over time, this alignment becomes easier to maintain, increasing our resilience under stress. We feel more confident because we walk with more certainty of “who we are” and how we can use our skills with greater effect and in a wider variety of circumstances.

Even when given a situation we can’t handle well, we recognize it earlier. Rather than slipping into unalignment (anger, anxiety, addiction and judgment) we develop comfortable strategies that further expand our possibilities. We might allow ourselves to say, “I don’t know” and then walk with the question until things become clearer. Or we may simply admit we don’t know or can’t do something and ask for help. (Unless we are a man LOL!)

Our Subconscious Mind has an enormous amount of information stored non-verbally. To reach into this storehouse of accumulated wisdom we need to develop a sense of what this internal system is to you. Quite literally, it is the stored sense of self. This is often sensed as a relationship as in “our child within” or as our connection with our Spiritual Source. However, we decide to refer the “Within” aspect of our Oneness, be assured - it exists. Building our Internal Oneness gives us access to information that is otherwise unavailable. Not only this, but your Internal Oneness provides the ground for your Between and Beyond Oneness discussed in the next two articles.

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