Life with Your Soulmate

When you married your soulmate a lot of other things in life fall in place. It’s true that God (or your choice of Spiritual Source) comes first and when you find that one who really knows you, and loves all of you, you are able to feel His/Her presence all the more. The love you feel inside and the love you express to each other has the same flavor.

Beyond that, the love that either of you share with others carries the same flavor. The more either of you love the children, the more the children feel the love from both of you. There is little separation, even less competition. The family operates on the ground of this flavor and decisions are guided by anything that helps you sense this feeling more.

There is no covetousness. The more that you learn about and express your natural gifts, the better. Within the awareness of the flavor of your love are the checks and balances that keep your many relationships in line. Decisions that deepen the experience of your love move forward. Those that might feel good for a time but that you sense wouldn’t work for both of you are allowed to fall to the wayside as they are not “God Breathed” (or other words of your choice!)

When one falls sick, there is no question of what should be done. The answer is, “All we can.” And that is always enough. Even when an illness makes no sense and there seems to be “no reason that they should feel this way,” you look for another answer because you know that there is one. When they are so depressed they can’t express their love as they have in the past you know they do.

When the time came and it was their time to move on to the next life, you talked about it, as you talk about all things. In this conversation, you were given permission to do anything that makes you feel more comfortable and they meant it. They know you, love you and, as always, want the very best for you.

After Your Soulmate Passes

Now, as time has passed, people around you are suggesting that you begin to reach out for another intimate relationship. You are happy. You have friends and family and your life is full. You also have alone time that you enjoy - and time with him. You still feel the love and the fullness that your relationship continues to generate in you and through you to others.

So…what should you do? Many around you would feel more comfortable if they saw you with someone like they use to. There are social pressures that you see with being single and some are being just a little bit pushy.

As always, God comes first. Feel in your heart what it is that you would feel most comfortable with. This is what your love told you and it is what has served you all of your life. Might you change your mind? Maybe, but you recognize that those feelings and that decision may never come. Trust your love and share it with all who allow you to be you.

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