Healthy Sound Practices with Alex Doman

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Doman. Alex explains the harmful effects of noise pollution and how we can use sound to heal, reduce stress, anxiety, the effects of ASD and other health problems. Join us to learn what healthy sound practices you should incorporate into your daily routine to reduce stress, increase focus and improve your listening skills.

About Alex Doman

Alex Doman is founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, creators of The Listening Program®. He is also founder and Chief Scientist of Sleep Genius, and the bestselling co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound®.

The third generation in a family of pioneers in the field of child and human brain development, Alex has focused his career on sound, music, and technology and their capacity to improve brain health and performance. He heads product development at Advanced Brain Technologies with credits including co-producer of Music for Healing at the Speed of Sound™, Music for Babies™, executive producer, creator, or collaborator on numerous other music albums, products, and technologies including; Spatial Surround®, Sound Health®, Music for the Mind™, BrainBuilder®, The Listening Program®, Waves™ multi-sensory bone conduction audio system, and Sleep Genius mobile apps.

Alex has been interviewed for; NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Today, NPR Marketplace, Wall Street Journal, Self, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, CBS Moneywatch,, Health Radio with Dr. Mike Roizen, Dennis Prager, Pia Lindstrom Presents, Blog Talk Radio, ESPN Radio, Hearing Health Magazine, among others. He was written for publications including SI Focus Magazine, Autism Asperger’s Digest, and Autism Science Digest.

He lectures internationally and has trained thousands of allied health, education and music professionals in brain based applications of sound and music. In addition he is president of the ABT Foundation, a public charity, advises various companies and nonprofit organizations, and hosts The Listening Program Radio.

0:39 Introducing Alex Doman

2:42 Alex's early life journey

  • Identifying strengths

6:49 An interest in sound, music and awareness

  • Family dedication to exploring potential
  • An auditory deficit due to a love for music

10:26 A call to continue the family work

13:36 Learning about sound

  • Sound can harm or heal
  • Effects of noise pollution

17:15 Low level impact of noise

  • Serious health concerns

19:55 Healthy sound practices

  • Be a good sound citizen
  • Voice tones
  • Quiet space

23:04 Headphone practices

  • Music induced hearing loss

28:01 Auditory tonotopic map

  • Improving auditory mapping after damage

29:29 Processing sensory input

  • Effect on relationships
  • Building the ability to hear

33:45 Building listening capability

  • Listening practice as a meditation
  • General wellness tools

37:43 Daily practice of listening

  • Benefits of listening 15-30 minutes a day
  • The Sound Mind Experiment

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Learn More About Advanced Brain Technologies


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7 replies
  1. Michael Seng
    Michael Seng says:

    Dear Dr. Seng,
    In today’s world, there is not only the constant daily fear of terrible things that Islamic terrorists can do to harm people, but there is noise, whether it be protestors in the streets who do not have much of a reason to be so doing, outside of trying to get themselves noticed, by becoming part of some group. The young having been indoctrinated, not educated by their professors who, themselves are searching for a Utopia that does not, and can not exist, act out what the professors would like to do, but instead get their students to do for them. We do have mass hysteria being played out daily by untold scores of people of all ages and from all ethnic groups, some what as an expression in what the Mainstream Media has been repeatedly reporting according to their own beliefs, not what is actually news worthy. We also, have many people whom are unbalanced, and handicapped by mental problems; the most serious of these that are dangerous to society need to be institutionalized, all the mass murders in the country are committed by them, and the Islamic terrorists seek such people out, to do their bidding.
    Unfortunately, without realizing it because of certain thresholds that have been met psychologically, most often out of habit, people seek out, even in the forms of their entertainment, noise, and in looking for a replacement for GOD, Super Action Heroes that are only part human, but part Robotic. Relaxation becomes difficult because their music if filled with noise and few melodies that are harmonious. A few aware people are beginning to find quiet and mediation in the sunrise and sunset, in the beauty of nature that surrounds them as they put away their instant communication devices and listen for the songs of the birds, look and see how beautiful, and colorful the cardinals are, and how caring they are in feeding their young. Life can be for most what they will make of it, even during dark times that do not seem to have an ending, if they will look for and seek it.

  2. Pat Mattas
    Pat Mattas says:

    Dear Dr. Seng,
    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Every time I hear Alex speak, I learn something new. Thank you, Alex! I have been listening to The Listening Program (TLP) for nearly four years. It has changed my life in many ways. I keep on listening because the benefits continue. I just had to reach out and congratulate you on your decision to become a TLP listener. You are doubly blessed because Alex will be your coach on this journey. Thank you for your body of work. I look forward to receiving your newsletters.

    • Michael Seng
      Michael Seng says:


      Thank-you for your kind note and advice. I agree completely! Alex has insights that I believe are true for each of our senses. He and his family have dedicated their lives to knowledge that serves all of us. I think so much of what families with members who suffer Autistic Spectrum Disorder can now be much better understood.

      Loved your comment!

      Dr. Seng

  3. Michael Seng
    Michael Seng says:

    Dr. Seng,
    Loved this podcast and it made more aware of the value of the silence in Canada and made me wonder what “map” I formed as a child. My favorite quote was about “Do not listen to respond, listen to understand”….. even as I type it, I realize what a precious insight it conveys.

    Maybe someday, there will be some insight into why political commercials cause me SUCH distress. The negativity seems to actually cause visceral distress.

    • Michael Seng
      Michael Seng says:


      I believe you are responding to the intent to deceive that is all too common in the presentation of issues we all hold so dearly. Let’s surround ourselves with people called to feel and share His love and purify our own intent as we serve others… an count our blessings!!

      In Him,

      Dr. Seng

  4. Rebecca Long
    Rebecca Long says:

    Great video Alex Doman, will definitely help me calm my senses furthermore of the pollution. I have geared myself towards exercise which has helped quite a bit. It really relaxes me and allows me to spiritually connect. (: I have looked around on the internet testing out all sorts of products and programs and I have came across a yoga program that has really let me “get loose” haha. For anyone reading this feel free to check it out. YogaBurn


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