Building Emotional Intelligence and Empathy with Andrea Isaacs

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea Isaacs, who shared her wisdom about how to build and strengthen emotional intelligence. Join us as we learn how to handle challenging people and situations with ease, as well as how to shift negative emotional energy on a dime. You'll find out that we can shift negative energy at will, which means change can be easy. Listen in for more insights into how to cultivate a happier, fuller life through your emotional intelligence.

About Andrea Isaacs

Andrea Isaacs has a passion to bring more joy to motivated, hard-working leaders who are changing the world. An internationally known facilitator, radio show host and creator of “Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with Body Wisdom,” she has been a trailblazer bridging the fields of emotional intelligence, the Enneagram and neuroscience since 1994. She has been an Enneagram Institute faculty member since 1994 and was a founding faculty member for their Part II training. She was on the International Enneagram Association Board of Directors for six years and was co-founding editor/publisher of the Enneagram Monthly.

She has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world with her unique and proven Body Wisdom system delivered in both virtual and live formats. In addition to numerous Body Wisdom programs and the upcoming EQX: The Emotional Intelligence Experience, she is the creator of the popular virtual programs, “The Key to Happy No Matter What” and “Leadership Metamorphosis.” One client said, “My motivation and productivity have exploded since working with Andrea,” and “For the first time, I believe my opinions matter and that I matter.”

Her work inspires better communication, greater success and more joy. An international master teacher, coach and keynote speaker, her students call her a "spiritual teacher extraordinaire."

0:01 Dr. Seng's Intro

1:56 Introducing Andrea Isaacs

  • Andrea’s personal journey

6:51 Knowing what your life feels like physically

  • Desire for grounded openness
  • Shifting energies

8:43 Emotional intelligence

  • Losing joy as we mature
  • Building emotional intelligence

14:04 Projecting emotional intelligence

  • Work with personality styles
  • Body, brain communications and movements

18:08 Making change in our lives

  • Change is easy with the right tools
  • Nurturing relationships instead of challenging

23:09 When people present small

  • Getting in touch with repressed energy
  • Feeling and learning to use energy wisely

28:00 Ease, peace and joy

  • Managing challenging people and circumstances with ease

30:03 Short, easily repeatable and deeply personal

  • Mantras

33:42 Working against judgmentalness

  • Accepting self and others

38:50 Practicing emotional intelligence

  • Building and strengthening neuropathways
  • Practicing when you don’t need it

42:24 Activating emotional energies

  • Saying your personalized mantra
  • After practice, simply doing the right thing

47:04 Trusting emotions coming from Subconscious Mind

  • Finding other layers

49:54 Using Enneagrams to understand self and others

  • Workshops
  • Embodying the gifts of others
  • Increasing compassion and empathy

53:48 Group exercises and virtual programs

  • Movement tools
58:42 Andrea's other resources

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3 replies
  1. Sue Angell
    Sue Angell says:

    What do you suggest one do if they live with (and love) someone who has a darker world view than they do? I find darker views negatively impact me and suck the energy out of my day – turning me low and gray. I can’t hide or limit contact with this individual (or work individuals for that matter), so how can I remain positive and not get sucked into a “life is bad and scary” viewpoint, too?

    • Andrea Isaacs
      Andrea Isaacs says:

      Dear Sue,

      I’m moved by your question and concerns. I also appreciate Michael’s response below about limiting your contact and spending more time with people who are emotionally healthy. I certainly support those suggestions.

      Unfortunately, the “darker” emotions have a weight, a gravity, that can stick like velcro and can pull others down.

      You might remember in the interview with Dr. Seng, I talked about using mantras (words or phrases) and mudras (body positions that support the same intention as those words). You might come up with a phrase that captures how you would rather feel when in the presence of those who bring you down. And try this exercise:

      * Say those words over and over again, allowing your body to respond to the intention of those words.
      * Let that response grow and grow until movement begins.
      * Exaggerate.
      * Keep repeating and exaggerating until you find a body position that captures the intention of those words. That body position can be your mudra.

      Practice your mantra and your mudra when you DO NOT need the shift! The more you practice this when you don’t need it, the stronger the neural pathway will become, and the more likely it’ll be there for you when you DO need it.

      It’s important for you to remind yourself that YOU are in charge of your emotions, not these other “darker” people. I know it’s tough. But it’s for your health, happiness and well-being.

      When the time comes that you need your mantra and mudra, the words can be said quietly in your mind. That will be sufficient to energize that neural pathway you created. And it will change how you think, feel and respond to challenging situations.

      Watch your mental attitude, because it will impact your emotions and your physical well-being. When any one of those shifts, it impacts the others. I believe using mantras and mudras can be useful in addition to Dr. Seng’s suggestions below. And again, as soon as possible, start spending more time with people who uplift you.

      I wish you all the best in moving through this situation with ease and grace.

  2. Michael Seng
    Michael Seng says:


    Thank-you for the question! I’m sure that many are struggling with the “your side vs. my side” controversies presently going on. A constant barrage of black and white thinking effects us all. Limiting this kind of input to the degree that is possible comes to mind. Off setting this would be to include in your life and the lives of your friends and family more grounded and grounding environments and activities. I few quick ideas that come to mind.
    – Limit time on the TV and internet.
    – Morning, after work or evening walks in nature
    – Add prayer or meditation times
    – Join groups that have specific, grounding and healthy agendas e.g. Sanghas, Bible study, Sports groups, horseback riding, Scouting, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Dance groups, Singing groups,

    In other words do whatever you can to add healthy balanced input for yourself and those around you, to the extent possible, and limit the time and space available for ‘two dimensional’ living.

    Knowing that such conversation come from pain also helps as this allows a more enduring compassionate response. Knowing that we all have pain and engage in some form of negativity keeps each of us real and encourages us to “guard our doors” (a form of meditation) and grow!


    Dr. Seng


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