How to Connect with Your Higher Self with James McCrae

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with successful author, empath and mindfulness advocate, James McCrae. During our conversation, we encouraged listeners to ask themselves some powerful questions. Do you listen to your ego or your higher self? Do you conform to the world around you or do you have the courage to be an independent thinker? Join us and learn how you can connect with your higher self and start living authentically, regardless of what circumstances you currently find yourself in.

About James McCrae

Hi, I’m James McCrae – Hay House author, strategist, creative consultant, yogi.

As a strategist and creative consultant for individuals and organizations around the world, I have spent my life developing innovative ways to turn imagination into results. My writing outlines practical strategies for discovering higher purpose, unlocking creative potential, and achieving meaningful success. Pre-order my debut publication, Sh#t Your Ego Says (Hay House 2017), or check out my eBooks to learn creative ways to overthrow the ego and become the hero of your story. My nonprofit organization, Innerspace Foundation, is dedicated to the advancement of mindful creativity.

I’m available for business consultation, creative coaching, and public speaking. To get in touch with me, drop me a line.

In my spare time I practice meditation and Kundalini yoga, listen to hip-hop music, drink yerba matte, and enjoy literature, design, burritos and basketball. I live in New York City.

0:52 Introducing James McCrae

6:06 The early years

  • Creativity, drawing
  • Unshared writings
  • Bridging the gap to share

15:14 Heaviness in life

  • The trauma of everyday life
  • Our true self and the world

19:28 Small town life

  • Freedom from conformity
  • Independent thinkers

27:23 Advice for college kids

  • Take your time
  • Follow your passion

31:36 Fears and insecurities surface

  • Recognizing the ego’s voice
  • Connecting with a “higher self”

36:05 How to identify your higher self

  • Decisions built on fear or trust
  • Being the hero of our story

38:17 Spiritual bypassing vs living your true self

  • How you show up to life
  • Holding a space for others
  • Committed practice

46:07 Ten tips from James

49:07 James' resources

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