Neuroplasticity is the Key to Understanding Teenagers with Jerusha Clark

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jerusha Clark, an author who helps parents to understand what's going on in teenagers' minds. A look into the neurobiology of adolescents will help you understand why they may make poor decisions and how you can be the best parent possible. Join us as we discuss neuroplasticity and why it is one of the keys to understanding teenagers.

About Jerusha Clark

Jerusha Clark co-authored four books with Jeramy, including three bestsellers, prior to launching her own writing and speaking ministry, focused on helping others glorify and enjoy God, one thought at a time. On quiet days, you can find Jerusha body-boarding, reading, or singing around a bonfire at the beach, her absolute favorite place. Jeramy and Jerusha have two amazing teenage daughters and love ministering together at churches, retreats, schools, and conferences.

0:54 Introducing Jerusha Clark

3:38 Jerusha's early years

  • Family issues
  • Challenges with popularity

11:33 Dealing with postpartum depression

  • Learning to lean on others

17:09 The journey of learning

  • Growing with the help of others

21:46 A new approach

  • Changes on three fronts

27:14 When we make serious mistakes

  • It’s never too late

30:21 Understanding teenagers

  • Neurological development

36:18 Why kids do crazy things

  • Explosive growth and neural pruning
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Parents’ example

43:37 Neuroplasticity as adults

  • Continued growth
  • Asking for help

47:52 Help for couples

  • Sabbath time together

51:17 Jerusha's resources

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