Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Neurofeedback with John Mekrut

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with John Mekrut. We discussed autistic spectrum disorder and neurofeedback. John's own daughter is autistic and her transformation with neurofeedback training has been incredible. Join us as we discuss his journey and find out some of the ins and outs of neurofeedback as well. You might be surprised to learn the many applications of neurofeedback as well as how the training programs are carried out.

About John Mekrut

John Mekrut is the father of two teenage girls, one of which is responsible for changing his career. She is on the autistic spectrum and neurofeedback training helped her improve her self regulation and stop taking medications. It was a wonderful transformation and set her on a path of success in school and life.

John's experience with her led him to train at the Othmer Institute in Woodland Hills with Sue and Siegfried Othmer, two pioneers in neurofeedback training. He keep himself informed about the latest developments in neuroscience, attended professional development courses and looking to add elements of mind/body work to his practice. Since the brain does not work in a vacuum, he encourages proper nutrition, sleep habits, and behavioral changes that will aid in the work of properly re-regulating a disregulated brain.

Every client is a new challenge. It is immensely gratifying to see their symptoms recede and their lives change in a few short months.

He loves science fiction (books and movies) and is hooked on the Discovery Channel. He is a skilled woodworker and has made much of the furniture in his home. He is a passable cook (his wife is a an excellent chef) and currently follows a Primal/Paleo diet. He's a good power napper -- it recharges his batteries. He performs neurofeedback training as often as he can, especially deep state Synchrony and Alpha Theta training, as he pursues his own spiritual path.

0:07 Introducing John Mekrut
  • John's daughter
  • Neurofeedback

2:36 John's experience: autistic spectrum disorder and neurofeedback

  • Behavioral management skills
  • Early days, diagnosis and early treatment

9:07 The emotional relationship with family

  • Effects of various treatments vs. no treatment

11:00 Neurofeedback: the discovery

  • QEEG brain mapping
  • Neurofeedback is a training program not a treatment
  • Autistic spectrum disorder and neurofeedback frequency

16:05 What's involved in the neurofeedback process

  • Different approaches
  • Infra-low frequency training
  • Conscious and Subconscious brain activity

23:09 Benefits of neurofeedback

  • Neurofeedback training requires work
  • Better self management skills
  • "Clearing RAM"

27:46 Thoughts on neurofeedback experience

  • John's daughter's improved functionality
  • Improved engagement with others

33:28 Autistic spectrum disorder in adults and neurofeedback

  • Enhancing connectivity

35:36 Maintaining gains in neurofeedback

  • The continuum scale
  • Lasting results and room for improvement

38:32 Wholistic tools to use with neurofeedback

  • Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep hygiene

43:04 Acceleration of self-compassion

  • Mindfulness
  • Personal relationships with others

45:43 How to contact John Mekrut


48:16 How neurofeedback has impacted John's daughter's life

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