Building People Up with Neurofeedback by Kurt Othmer

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In this podcast, it was my pleasure to discuss advancements in the field of neurofeedback with Kurt Othmer. He has seen some incredible results in his own family that prove the value of this kind of therapy. In fact, neurofeedback has been described as a catalyst that is opening the brain up, improving social interactions and making it receptive to other therapies. Join us to learn how this kind of training is helping people with autism, PTSD, and many other disorders to live life to the full.

About Kurt Othmer

Kurt received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1998 with a minor in music, and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1999 from the Davidson Honors College at The University of Montana.

At the age of 9, Kurt Othmer found himself part of the neurofeedback community due to the needs of his brother Brian. Kurt’s parents Sue and Siegfried Othmer became the leading educators and innovators in the neurofeedback field.

Kurt founded EEG Info in 2002 as a new home for his family's training courses and clinical work. He also formed a non-profit in 2003 after his late brother The Brian Othmer Foundation, with its primary project Home Coming 4 Veterans, a non-profit outreach program providing free services to veterans through over 200 volunteer clinicians worldwide.

Kurt Othmer along with his family continue to educate professionals and pioneer the clinical developments in the field.

0:13 Introducing Kurt Othmer

1:30 Kurt's path to studying neurofeedback

  • An autistic brother’s epilepsy
  • Significant improvement with neurofeedback
  • Inspiration to stay in the field

7:57 What we can do with neurofeedback

  • The core of all other therapies
  • Improved interaction and personal interest

10:21 The passing of Kurt's brother

  • A sense of relief
  • Shaped into being socially aware

11:51 What neurofeedback can and cannot do

  • Neurofeedback is not diagnostic in any way
  • Neurofeedback shows a reflection of what the brain is doing in the moment

13:09 Meditation, yoga, the history of brain science and neurofeedback

  • Neurofeedback as handrails
  • Alpha and gamma brain waves

21:15 How does neurofeedback work for individuals

  • Different trainings for different problems
  • How to assess

25:10 The game element

  • Changing the thresholds behind the scenes
  • Exercising in the moment
  • Change is more important than absolute values

28:10 GSR training, neurofeedback, meditation, yoga - the common link

  • Informing the nervous system about itself
  • Advantages of neurofeedback

30:29 Duration of neurofeedback training

  • Focus and agenda
  • The role of the therapist
  • Deep state, alpha and synchrony training

36:25 Quality neurofeedback training

  • Find what works for you
  • Infra-low technology
  • Keep up the search

40:20 Resources

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