Sound Healing Technology: Mark Romero’s Journey to Discovery

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Romero. Mark's story is an inspiring one about the long journey to self discovery and how we sometimes stumble upon new and beautiful ways to help others.

Mark was an enormously successful CEO but deep down his subconscious mind was telling him it was time for a change. He did eventually change directions by becoming an acknowledged entrepreneur, but it wasn't until even later that Mark discovered his gift as a healer.

Join us in this exciting podcast as we discuss Mark's personal journey, his relationship with music and how he began creating sound healing technology. Mark even shares a sample of his compelling music, which has been proven to improve health, energy and awareness. Listen in to enjoy the effects of Mark's healing music.

About Mark Romero

Mark Romero’s successful nineteen-year career as an executive manager and CEO took a dramatic turn the day a former NASA consultant discovered that his music contained frequencies that cancelled negative energy. Though initially skeptical, but willing to learn more, Mark accepted the invite to see the science behind the claim. That day he received, what he affectionately refers to today as, a crash course in Energy 101.

Like the wind, whose effects can be seen but not the wind itself, Mark soon learned his music held comparable power. Parents of children with autism and ADHD, Alzheimer’s patients, and stressed corporate executives, all began passionately communicating to Mark the positive improvements his music had on their daily functioning and compelled him to dedicate his life to improving the welfare of others.

Today, Mark educates people worldwide on the science of energy as relates to human functioning and empowers them with music. His music CDs and speaking performances have placed him on the stage with internationally respected leaders like Mark Victor Hansen, Harv Eker, and Dr. Bruce Lipton, and is recognized as a leader in the field of personal energy.

Mark offers a wide range of services including his critically acclaimed music CDs, transformational CD series, music and speaking performances, as well as successfully hosting his own teleconference series with participants from around the world.

0:20 Conscious and subconscious mind
  • How subconscious mind communicates
4:42 Introducing Mark Romero
  • Music that revitalizes well-being
  • The science of energy
6:45 How Mark's interest in music began
  • How music affects Mark personally
10:58 Mark's journey in the business world
  • Finding the ability to connect
  • Finding the ability for creative problem solving
17:05 How to know who to connect with
  • Getting people to open up
  • Sharing wisdom
18:52 A change in the journey
  • The panic attack that changed it all
  • Working on self
25:51 Subconscious mind tells us when we need a change
  • Messages from Mark’s mother and wife
32:37 The shift to helping others through music
  • Initial reactions
38:34 Music, healing and transformation work
  • Connecting conscious and unconscious mind deeply
  • Health and wellness music
44:27 Sound healing technology
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
50:47 A sample of Mark's music
  • Setting your intention before listening
  • Self-love healing music
  • Post listening exercise

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4 replies
  1. Adam Blackwell
    Adam Blackwell says:

    This is an amazing life story of a great guy. And it’s inspired me even more than I was before this hour of listening.. I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much michael and mark for sharing this. It really ment a lot to hear this today..

    Adam Blackwell

    • Michael Seng
      Michael Seng says:


      Yes, Mark was able to share not only his remarkable journey but also the subtle… and not so subtle “winds of change” he discerned… and had the courage to follow!


      Dr. Seng

    • Michael Seng
      Michael Seng says:


      Thank-you… and thank-you for sharing your inner voice with us… and so many others!


      Dr. Seng


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