Dynamic Happiness through Qigong Practice with Robert Peng

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Robert Peng, Qigong Master. Join us to learn how Qigong practice can help you balance your emotions, recharge your energy and feel younger and healthier. During our conversation you will discover the path to dynamic happiness, a happiness that does not waver when life's biggest challenges and changes arise.

About Robert Peng

Robert Peng is a world-renowned Qigong Master, healer, and author of The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom book/cd/dvd series.

Robert Peng was born and raised in Hunan, China. At age eight, he began an intensive apprenticeship under the close guidance of the legendary monk Xiao Yao, an enlightened master known for his profound healing ability and martial arts skill.

At age fifteen, Robert performed a 100 day water fast in a small dark room at a secluded monastery in the remote mountains of Hunan province. He underwent a radical spiritual transformation and awakened amazing healing powers.

Master Xiao Yao encouraged Robert to develop his healing skills by studying with other Chinese masters. He pursued his training quietly while attending university in Changsha where he majored in English Literature. When he was twenty-nine years old, he began to teach publicly, and within five years he had trained over 150,000 students all over China.

In 1997, Robert was invited to relocate to Australia. Seven years later, he moved to New York City.

With his deep understanding and practice of this ancient Chinese healing art of Qigong, and with extensive life and teaching experience in the western world, Robert has developed a unique way to teach Qigong that people from different culture can easily understand and follow but meanwhile still enjoy the real essence of this ancient Chinese art of wisdom, love and vitality.

Robert Peng has been a regular presenter in Omega Institute, Integrative Health Symposium and many other organizations and schools. His participants and clients are from all walks of life, who have experienced healing and a new surge of energy and power in their life.

0:31 Introducing Robert Peng

3:17 Robert's early years

  • A special gift and an illness

8:06 Meeting Xiao Yao

18:53 Martial arts training

  • Secret traditional training

28:10 Maturity as a teenager

29:41 Transitioning to higher education

  • English and American Literature major
  • A bigger plan

37:06 Spreading wisdom internationally

  • Grateful living

47:42 Qigong practice in the US

  • Benefits of meditation
  • The four golden wheels
  • Dynamic happiness

54:51 Robert's resources

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  1. Patricia Kaine
    Patricia Kaine says:

    How does this relate to chi lel qigong (I’m familiar with this and have the book – 101 Miracles of Natural Healing by Master Luke Chan)


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