Benefits of Hypnotherapy with Valerie Austin and Katie Glen

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with not one, but two specialists in regression hypnosis: Valerie Austin and Katie Glen. During our discussion they revealed how regression and suggestion therapy work, as well as what problems and conditions they can effectively treat. If you've ever wondered about how hypnotherapy works, this podcast is for you.

About Valerie Austin

Valerie Austin is an international consultant hypnotherapist, trainer, lecturer, keynote speaker and author of seven best-selling books and specialist in advanced hypnosis courses.

As well as producing a range of popular self-help books, Valerie Austin’s extensive personal experience treating difficult and unusual problems with thousands of clients has gained her an impressive personal reputation in the hypnosis community. She has developed an inspiring and rewarding career as a trainer and teacher for hundreds of people and businesses across the world.

0:10 Introducing Valerie Austin and Katie Glen

2:56 Valerie's journey as an empathic person

4:50 Katie's journey as an empathic person

8:21 Valerie's path to hypnosis

  • Trauma and memory loss
  • Specialization in regression

15:30 A new interest in suggestion/self-hypnosis

16:40 When concentration is an issue

  • Bringing people into concentration
  • Fixing issues as fast as possible

23:56 Regression hypnosis

  • Valerie’s memory loss and regression hypnosis
  • The effects of past trauma
  • Finding the source of issues

33:28 Understanding how the mind works

  • Healing through hypnosis

34:46 Valerie's resources

  • Valerie’s books
  • Contact by telephone or internet

38:06 Resources for people with ADD

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