Depression and Sceletium

What's the best way to deal with depression and anxiety? While there is no one, single answer, "food is medicine" is a mantra that many of us like to follow and there are many natural supplements that can aid in maintaining optimal health. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the supplement sceletium and how it can help with depression and anxiety.

Depression, Cardiovascular Disease and Your Sleep Routine

We know that sleep is a central problem with all mood and anxiety disorders. We also know that people with depression have twice the mortality and morbidity of those who don’t. But why is sleep so important and how exactly does it affect our health? Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of why developing a sleep routine is so important.

Acetyl L-carnitine and Depression

Have you heard of acetyl L-carnitine (ALCAR)? ALCAR is commonly connected with weight loss, but it could have a significantly positive effect on patients with depression too. Find out more about optimizing your brain health here.

What Happens if I Stop Taking My Depression Medication?

There are a lot of controversies about the use of depression medication and this is one of them. Your primary goals in life are spiritual and emotional authenticity, deepening relationships and a healthy lifestyle. Another is to minimize side effects and the use of medications. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes you end up feeling worse than you started.

Yoga for Depression - A Healing Journey with Amy Weintraub

In this episode of the Oneness Approach podcast, special guest Amy Weintraub of LifeForce Yoga and I discuss the benefits of Yoga for depression and anxiety. Not only does she take us on her own personal journey, she discusses why Yoga therapy can be beneficial for people of all walks of life.

Change Your Brain to Change Your Life with Debbie Hampton

Do you suffer with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts? Debbie Hampton did, but after her third suicide attempt, which resulted in a severe brain injury, Debbie decided to change her brain and change her life. Find out how you can take control of your brain to create a life you enjoy living.

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Will They Forgive Me? Can I Forgive Myself?

Do you sometimes look back and feel worthless because of past mistakes? Learn how to use your subconscious resources to work on forgiveness - for yourself and others. You can feel your spiritual source within you and others as you take steps to advance your own healing process.

Healing in Oneness - How much of my suffering do I share with others?

As you are healing in Oneness, you may come across the challenge of feeling that no one understands how you feel. The truth is, they don't understand. So when is sharing feelings appropriate and healthy? Who should you confide in? Join me in this video to learn how to effectively communicate with others when you are feeling down.

Unleashing the Power of Subconscious Mind - Delivering Your Oneness

As a practitioner, how can you turn things around when depression becomes a problem? Being present to hear and creating an internal connection can help.