Healing Disorders and Addiction with Integrative Medicine with Dr. Hyla Cass

Some people view addiction as a sign of moral failure but did you know that addiction is most often caused by an imbalance in the body's biochemistry? Find out how to use integrative medicine (not drugs) to live a peaceful, addiction-free, fulfilling life.

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How Your Faith is the Center of Your Healing

What about faith in healing? Is it appropriate to incorporate faith and religion in the healing process? What benefits can it offer? Join me as we discuss this sensitive topic and find a balanced path to long-term healing.

Healing in Oneness - Family Structure - Life Partners

What kind of family guidelines are needed to make your home a place of success, warmth and love? How can you succeed as a family when one or more members suffer with a disorder like ADHD or depression? Join me in this video to find out how to use strengths, structure and real communication to make your family as happy as possible.