Does the "Father Below" Exist?

Does the "father below" really exist? Find out what neurobiology has to say about distraction and temptation, as well as how faith affects brain growth in a very real way. As faith changes your brain, your perception of all that God has for you, for your relationships and for the world, expands.

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Addictive Spirituality

What happens when spirituality becomes addictive, judgmental? Why does judgmental spirituality happen? What can be done to avoid it? Join me as we discuss the effects of feelings and vulnerabilities on spirituality and how you can make sure your faith is grounded by connecting with your subconscious resources.

What Do You Do When Your Thoughts and Feelings Make No Sense?

What does it mean when your thoughts and feelings make no sense? Is it possible to transform negative thoughts that tear down into positive thoughts that build up? Join me to find out what you can do when disturbing thoughts and feelings come up.

Creating Lasting Change During The Holidays

What goes on neurobiologically during the holiday season? And how can our view of spirituality contribute to creating lasting change? Join me to find out more about the value of spirituality, prayer and/or meditation.

How Your Faith is the Center of Your Healing

What about faith in healing? Is it appropriate to incorporate faith and religion in the healing process? What benefits can it offer? Join me as we discuss this sensitive topic and find a balanced path to long-term healing.

The Neurobiology of Healing Through Faith

How can you help others in healing through faith? Join me to learn about the neurobiology of faith, what it has to do with communication, and how it can play an important role in dealing with addiction, anxiety and anger.

Engaging Your Faith According to How You See the World

Have you ever taken the time to examine your faith? Each of us have individual differences that make us see and feel faith differently. This can affect our relationships if we don't practice faith in a balanced way. In this video, discover how to evaluate your faith and find new ways to grow.

Why is Spirituality So Confusing?

Spirituality can be confusing, which is why in this video we are breaking down the neurobiology of spirituality. Find out why spirituality often divides people, how it affects our conscious/subconscious interaction and how spirituality can be a force for good, no matter what belief system we live by.

The Dark Side of Spirituality

Is there a 'dark side' to spirituality? In this video we discuss what faith involves, how your belief system can help you cultivate a personalized belief in a higher power and what certain words related to faith really mean. You'll also learn how to avoid spiritual addiction and judging people who have belief systems different from your own.