Will You Reach Your Goals this Year?

‘Tis the season for promises made for ourselves and others. It is the time of year for fresh starts and new goals. But more often than not, New Year's resolutions and the promises we make to ourselves remain unfulfilled. Why is that the case? And how can you change the way you think about goals to set yourself up for success?

Reaching Goals with ADHD Coaching with Abigail Levrini

Dr. Abigail Levrini joins Dr. Seng in this episode to discuss the challenges of reaching long-term goals while struggling with ADHD. Listen in to discover how ADHD coaching is helping people learn specific ways to excel in their personal and professional lives and reach their biggest goals.

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Growing in Oneness - Sustained Success

What is the purpose of a goal? Join me in this video as we learn how to heed the call of pain and help others who are suffering as you work towards your goals. Expand your abilities and live a life that you truly love.

Growing in Oneness - The Ground of Your Practice

Sometimes the hardest goals to reach are small daily practices. How can you incorporate things like meditation, exercise and improved diet into your daily routine? Watch this video to learn how to build living intent and make healthy daily practices part of your very essence.

I Have Made a Lot of Mistakes - Taking the Steering Wheel

How can you help others to reach their potential, optimize their relationships and take hold of the steering wheel of their life? The key is to help them see both their relationship potential and their relationship imbalances. Join me in this video to find out how you can help others to find their passion and purpose in life through their seven relationship types.

Growing in Oneness - Over Focus on Goals

What is the danger of over focus when it comes to setting and reaching goals? In this video we'll discuss why we should avoid going too conscious with our goals. You will also learn how to maintain your flexibility as you strive to reach some of your most important goals.

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Getting to know who we are on a deep level is a step-by-step process. The last step of the process is discovering our intent. Our intent can vary for each of our different relationship types and can grow and change with time.