Overcome Social Conditioning to Stop Suffering with Cheri Huber

Do you feel like something is wrong with you? You may have fallen into the trap of social conditioning. Learn to tap into a deeper knowing and begin loving yourself deeply, an action that will translate into happier relationships too! Cheri Huber explains further on the Oneness Approach podcast.

Dynamic Happiness through Qigong Practice with Robert Peng

Listen to the story of Qigong master Robert Peng and discover how Qigong practice can lead you to dynamic happiness. You can learn to balance love and wisdom so that no matter the changes you are faced with, your life can continue to flow with joy and contentment.

Meditation and Tapping - Tools for Your Spiritual Journey with Charles and Carol Crenshaw

As you continue along on your spiritual journey, how can meditation and tapping help accelerate your growth? Join Charles and Carol Crenshaw and I as we discuss what everyone needs to know about meditation and how it can help you find your path.

Amazing Benefits of Neuroplasticity Training and Meditation with Lisa Wimberger

In this podcast, Lisa Wimberger of The Neuroplasticity Institute talks about the value of neuroplasticity training and meditation to create our own self-directed thoughts, which is self-directed plasticity, to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, seizure disorders and much more.

Portfolio Items

Optimizing the Energy of Your Connection

How can you make meaningful connections with people of all different backgrounds and intensity levels? Join me to learn how to optimize your energy to really connect with all kinds of people. We'll discuss how to move energy, stay grounded through morning practices and respect boundaries and the relationships of others.

Creating Lasting Change During The Holidays

What goes on neurobiologically during the holiday season? And how can our view of spirituality contribute to creating lasting change? Join me to find out more about the value of spirituality, prayer and/or meditation.

Exercise - Growing Your Child of God Within

How can you grow your child of God within through exercise? In this video we talk about how prayer and/or meditation can be incorporated into exercise. Join me to learn more about how you can prepare for, warm-up and end your exercise routine mindfully, with self-love always in view.

The Tools in Your Tool Box

Are you getting the most out of your Oneness tools? Enjoy a review of the tools in your toolbox that can help you cope with and grow as you face difficult disorders, such as depression, OCD and ADHD. By including a few more tools like meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine, you can come to enjoy life more than you previously thought possible.

Healing In Oneness - When is meditation dangerous?

When an emotional disturbance is present in your life, you probably experience a lack of connectedness. This can expose you to a few potential dangers of meditation. What are these dangers? And what strategies for healing are safe to practice? Find out in this video.