Will You Reach Your Goals this Year?

‘Tis the season for promises made for ourselves and others. It is the time of year for fresh starts and new goals. But more often than not, New Year's resolutions and the promises we make to ourselves remain unfulfilled. Why is that the case? And how can you change the way you think about goals to set yourself up for success?

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The Way of Family Growth

How can a deeper understanding of your neurobiology help you continue growing together as a family? Join me as we discuss the importance of your own sense of self, what you feel to be true, and how you can improve your relationships at least one percent each day.

Dualism 3

Discovering the root cause of a person's problem is much easier when we apply dualism. Dualism helps us to change our approach. When we begin by getting to know a person's strengths and their relationship stories, we are able to clearly identify the challenges.