Does the "Father Below" Exist?

Does the "father below" really exist? Find out what neurobiology has to say about distraction and temptation, as well as how faith affects brain growth in a very real way. As faith changes your brain, your perception of all that God has for you, for your relationships and for the world, expands.

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Spirituality and Double Mindedness

What does balanced and imbalanced processing look like? How can we explain the neurobiology of double mindedness? Join me to discover the answers, how they are explained by Buddhism and Christianity and how we can improve our faith integration to improve our relationships.

Working with Your Double Mindedness

One of the first steps to overcoming our struggles is to recognize our own short and long circuitry. By understanding how our thoughts and emotions work, we can start to identify our struggles and double mindedness, which will allow us to begin the refining process.

Creating Lasting Change During The Holidays

What goes on neurobiologically during the holiday season? And how can our view of spirituality contribute to creating lasting change? Join me to find out more about the value of spirituality, prayer and/or meditation.

The Neurobiology of Healing Through Faith

How can you help others in healing through faith? Join me to learn about the neurobiology of faith, what it has to do with communication, and how it can play an important role in dealing with addiction, anxiety and anger.

Creating Lasting Change During the Holidays

What is the connection between God and neurobiology? Discovering the answer can help you get the most out of this holiday season. Join me to learn how faith and prayer have real neurological benefits you won't want to miss out on!

Growing Your Relationship Impact - How Can We Enjoy Our Relationship Even More

What's the best way to help others in a growthful, mutually inspiring manner? Join me as we continue discussing how to grow your relationship impact, this time by making each of our relationships even more enjoyable. You'll learn how to really see other people and treat them accordingly, always with trust and respect.

Growing Your Relationship Impact - Introduction

Join me in this video as we learn how to grow your relationship impact. The key lies in taking advantage of opportunities to grow your skills in relationships. You will find that as your skills grow, your ability to love, be loved and contribute to happy relationships will flourish.

Activating Your Subconscious Mind - Asking for what you want and feeling it!

Asking for what you want can be tricky. In this video, join me as we discuss how you can turn asking for what you want into a way to get completely aligned and then offer value to others. Meeting your needs in a way that is mutually beneficial is the key to creating outstanding relationships.