Meditation and Tapping - Tools for Your Spiritual Journey with Charles and Carol Crenshaw

As you continue along on your spiritual journey, how can meditation and tapping help accelerate your growth? Join Charles and Carol Crenshaw and I as we discuss what everyone needs to know about meditation and how it can help you find your path.
Alan Cohen

Blending Intellect and Heart to Find Yourself and Help Others with Alan Cohen

In this episode, Alan Cohen joins us with some beautiful insights on kindness and love. As a bestselling author, empath and life coach, Alan has some excellent advice for parents, teachers and even individuals who want to discover their strengths through the perfect blend of intellect and heart.
Julie Fast

Maintain Your Sense of Self After a Bipolar Diagnosis with Julie Fast

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it can feel overwhelming. What practical steps can you take to manage your illness or help a loved one do so? Julie Fast, bestselling author with both bipolar and schizoaffective disorders answers that question in this episode.
Ellen Langer

The Power of Mind Body Unity with Dr. Ellen Langer

Most people don't realize just how powerful their mind really is. Dr. Ellen Langer joins me on this episode of the Oneness Approach podcast to talk about mind body unity, the psychology of possibility, why evaluations can make us unhappy and how we can live a more mindful life.

The Power of Journaling with Katie Dalebout

In this episode, special guest Katie Dalebout talks about the power of journaling as a tool for self-discovery. Join our conversation to learn more about Katie's background, her struggle with an eating disorder and how she is helping others to get in touch with their feelings using pen and paper.

How to Connect with Your Higher Self with James McCrae

Do you listen to your ego or your higher self? Do you conform to the world around you or do you have the courage to be an independent thinker? Learn to tell the difference and start living a life that is authentically yours with James McCrae on the Oneness Approach podcast.

Lucid Dreaming - The Key to a Larger Awareness with

What is lucid dreaming? In this episode of the Oneness Approach podcast, Robert Waggoner answers that question and discusses how you can practice lucid dreaming to get in touch with your subconscious mind and resolve many common issues including nightmares and anxiety.

Biocognitive Science - Discovering the Antidote to Shame

How do your cultural beliefs affect your physical and emotional health? What is the antidote to shame? Find out in this episode of the Oneness Approach podcast featuring special guest Dr. Mario Martinez - the clinical neuropsychologist who developed the theory of biocognitive science.

How Movement Can Transform Your Life!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the same old routine? Do you feel like your energy, flexibility and creativity are declining? Discover how to wake up your brain and open up a world of new possibilities in this podcast, featuring my brilliant friend, Anat Baniel.