Finding the Connection in Heart Health and Nutrition with Dr. Joel Kahn

What is the connection between heart health and nutrition? Can a diet really reduce the risk of heart disease or even reverse it? We are finding the answers on this episode of the Oneness Approach podcast, featuring America's Health Doc, Dr. Joel Kahn.

Healing Disorders and Addiction with Integrative Medicine with Dr. Hyla Cass

Some people view addiction as a sign of moral failure but did you know that addiction is most often caused by an imbalance in the body's biochemistry? Find out how to use integrative medicine (not drugs) to live a peaceful, addiction-free, fulfilling life.

Finding Solace in a Healthy Grieving Process with Dr. Daniel Kalish

In this episode of the Oneness Approach podcast, Dr. Daniel Kalish returns, this time to discuss the physical effects of an unhealthy vs a healthy grieving process. Learn about the lessons and gifts that can be found in loss and how diet plays an important role in maintaining health in the meantime.