Dedication, Trust and Patience in Something Greater than Yourself

Your subconscious mind has a circuit that grounds your sense of self, sense of others and sense of all others. It is in relationship with your conscious mind, the conscious mind of others and all others. It thinks in relationship and attempts to optimize every decision around all information available for all relationships. It is preverbal and the ultimate “out of the box” thinker - and it works best when you know it exists.

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Growing Your Relationship Impact - How Can We Enjoy Our Relationship Even More

What's the best way to help others in a growthful, mutually inspiring manner? Join me as we continue discussing how to grow your relationship impact, this time by making each of our relationships even more enjoyable. You'll learn how to really see other people and treat them accordingly, always with trust and respect.

Activating Your Subconscious Mind - Asking for what you want and feeling it!

Asking for what you want can be tricky. In this video, join me as we discuss how you can turn asking for what you want into a way to get completely aligned and then offer value to others. Meeting your needs in a way that is mutually beneficial is the key to creating outstanding relationships.

Unleashing the Power of Subconscious Mind - Going Deeper Part 3

What can Erik Erikson teach us about development in our early years and how to keep growing? Join me in this video as we discuss seven important stages of life and how they relate to our personal growth and development.