The Wholistic Approach and SMART Goals

The Wholistic Approach is one aspect of the Oneness Approach. It encourages you to avoid judgmentalness of any kind while assessing what will be best for you and your family. Let's consider the word "Spirituality".

When someone asks, “I have some pretty complicated issues and I need straightforward answers. I have never believed in "Religion or Spirituality" have little time to be messing around with it now. Get to the point. How is this going to help me get to where I want to go?”

My reply is usually something along the lines of, “You sound like a straight shooter and I like that. You likely have a system in place to make the difficult decisions."

This is because your Subconscious Mind already has a unified way of looking at and responding to the world. We all do. That's it's job. This part of your mind has to have some way of automating the multiple questions you are always presented with. This "system" is your "belief system". You will see things from this point of view until something or someone confuses you enough to lose touch with it. This is usually experienced as painful.

To deal with this type of pain and to adjust your approach to life we put words to your belief system. You can understand and use your Subconscious resources better when you put words on the system it relies on. Since we must belief this more than anything else to be effective, the center focus of this system of belief is often independent of anything or anyone in this world. It wouldn't be effective or healthy to allow anything or anyone in the world to have this much influence in your life.  This will often lead you to a "spiritual" answer. Often, you will choose the one you were raised with, as this allows you the deepest understandings of all of your past and present relationships.

When you are looking for your "straight forward answers" to a specific life situation, and want to get there as efficiently as possible, Peter Drucker created a way to apply your beliefs to any life challenge. Using Peter's suggestions the Oneness Approach will help you to integrate your ultimate belief system while you meet these external life challenges.  This creates a win-win relationship no matter what the external outcome.

Peter suggested that we create 90 day SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action oriented,  Results focused and time specific) goals that align with the system you are presently using. It calls for near constant monitoring of those SMART goals to make sure you either get to where you want to go. Add this system to the Oneness Approach and you additionally will have the opportunity to change your understanding of your belief system and gain internal resilience in the face of potentially confusing life situations. Confusion is no longer feared... but seen as a call to "come home" and learn more about you! Meanwhile the system you come up with will be the one you find most effective and will be dynamic to your life situation.

How does that sound? Want to hear more? Then join the Grow Membership and let's get started!

What is the Wholistic Approach?
Resolving Complex Problems - Fast!
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