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The Power of the Subconscious Mind (6 videos)

Cultivating Meaningful Relationships (8 videos)

Discovering Dualism (4 videos)

Showing Empathy (3 videos)

Expanding Awareness (5 videos)

Growing What You Know (4 videos)

When We Make Mistakes (10 videos)

  • Become a Better You How can you become a better you, even if you've made many mistakes? How can you help others who feel they've made too many mistakes?
  • Overcoming Judgmentalness Help others overcome judgmentalness and addictive self-blame.
  • Helping Others Heal Learn practical ways to help others heal after they have made serious mistakes.
  • Building Trust Find out how to build trust before pointing out how someone can better use their strengths.
  • Overcoming Guilt When the people you serve are weighed down with guilt, how can you help?
  • Offering Hope How can you connect with and engage people who are suffering due to their past mistakes?
  • Achieving Mental Alignment How can you achieve mental alignment and help others to do the same?
  • The Tools to Overcome Shame Get the right tools to address deep shame.
  • Moving Forward After Mistakes How can you use the three main supervisory systems in the brain to help people overcome their feelings of shame over past mistakes?
  • Reaching True Potential How can you help others to reach their potential, optimize their relationships and take hold of the steering wheel of their life?

Key Lessons (2 videos)

Life Transitions (18 videos)

  • Help Children Become Independent What happens if your adult child refuses to leave home?
  • Finding a Spouse Many people in their thirties are ready for marriage but struggle to find a spouse who is compatible. Why does this happen?
  • Children and Divorce Learn about the challenges of divorcing with children and how to help all parties involved.
  • Changing Careers What should you do if a person suddenly tells you they need a career change?
  • Marriages in Trouble When a marriage is in trouble and someone feels like they don't want to be married anymore, how can you help? Even more importantly, who can you help?
  • False Accusations When a person needs your help because of serious false accusations, what should you do?
  • Working with Couples As a practitioner, what's the best way to approach relationship work?
  • Empty Nest Syndrome How to help someone with Empty Nest Syndrome.
  • Couples and Work Schedules What should you do when someone presents you with the day shift/night shift dilemma?
  • When the Sex Life Dies What should you do if someone asks your advice about sexual issues?
  • Dealing with Adultery Learn how to use Oneness to discover a couple's stories and offer the chance at complete resolution.
  • When Someone Struggles with Sexuality Many today are struggling with sexuality - especially when religious traditions are a part of the person's life. How can you help a person to make an integrated decision?
  • Coming Out to Parents How can you help someone who plans to out themselves to their parents to avoid years of emotional distress and confusion?
  • Maintaining Balance through Transitions Learn to maintain balance between the left and right brain and the mind and body so that you can take on your newest life transition confidently.
  • Your Transition Team Why and how you should put together your own personal "transition team."
  • Refining and Clarifying Learn to gain clarity and refine during your next big life transition.
  • Choosing a New Path Learn how to find a "search team" to get you back on the path to growth.
  • Moving or Changing Jobs Learn how to make these big life transitions less stressful and more enjoyable.

Oneness Meditation (4 videos)

Overcoming Isolation (5 videos)

Preparing for Loss (4 videos)

Sharing What You Know (4 videos)

Welcome to the Master Series (6 videos)

When Someone Under Your Care Dies (4 videos)